Again! Passing Drug Tests

Passing Tests For Your Job

Reduced Risks of Serious Injuries at Work

In many cases, workers often get out of control whenever they have higher levels of drugs and other harmful substances in their body. This subsequently means that when these substances are kept at reasonable levels, these injuries may be effectively mitigated. This is the role that drug testing comes to play. By testing for drugs on a regular basis, you will get to monitor the levels of drugs in your bodily faculties. This way, you will be able to forestall the injuries and other problems that may often arise as the result.

Fewer Risks of Damages to Equipment

Other than yourself, the possibility is high that you will most likely inflict damages on your work site, vehicles, and buildings wherein you work. Be careful and on the lookout for employees using the on the market to pass a drug test you may give them. You certainly would not want this eventuality to arise, would you? This is why you want to put in place every possible intervention measure to forestall it. Testing yourself for drugs on a regular basis will help you to accomplish this noble goal. Testing for drugs allows you to keep the drug levels in check and prevent any such excesses. This subsequently prevents you from inflicting such damages.

Improved Safety Records

In all, persons who have low levels of drugs, chemicals, alcohol and other harmful substances in their bodies have an excellent safety track record. This feat may only be achieved by way of regularly testing for alcohol levels in the blood. This is because such tests identify any emerging issues and prepare you psychologically for the same. The results of the tests may also serve as the basis against which future interventions may be crafted and implemented. This excellent safety record is particularly useful in sensitive undertakings like driving, swimming, building, and construction.

Increased Overall Productivity

It is no secret that persons who have fewer levels of the drug in their body are generally more productive than those who have higher levels. This is mainly because drugs do impair the coordination of the various faculties of the body like concentration, focus, muscle strength, and vitality of the body. This is why it is necessary to keep the number of drugs to manageable levels at all times. By undertaking such tests, you will get to know how much drug you have in your body and what exactly to do as the result of that finding.

Less Absenteeism

Apart from performing poorly when compared to their peers, persons who have high levels of drugs in their bodies are also more likely to fail to turn up to work. This is mainly due to the fact that they spend a substantial chunk of their time in fighting the effects of the high drug levels. This way, it may be possible to ward off the extremes and excesses that ultimately bring along the risk of absenteeism from work.

Another thing that can determine the volume in your body includes total fat. If you have plenty of fats in your body, it is likely that THC and THC COOH will be enough in your body system and you cannot compare that with fewer fats in the body system.  Furthermore, your metabolic activities and your overall body health can also determine the quantity in the body. If your body system functions optimally, it is certain that the amount in the body can be reduced. Most importantly, what you are consumed is also a factor that can determine the quantity in your body.

The emphasis on the quantity in your body is because the volume of these drugs and metabolites determines what you can do to flush them out of your body system in the body system.

How long does THC stay in the body?  

Typically, when you consume the substance, it can be in the body right from the first day. The length of time it stays in the body is another thing. The length of time it can stay also depends on those factors that were considered above such as the frequency of consumption and other body metabolic processes. If you are such that consume it every day, then you can expect it to remain in the body for some day.

Types of drug tests  

There are different kinds of drugs tests that you are subjected to. They include the urinary tests also known as UA tests. Others include the hair test, saliva test as well as the blood test.  The most common of these tests include the urinary tests. It constitutes more than seventy-five percent of such tests that are conducted.

Blood test  

This is another type of test. This is not common because employers do not recommend this kind of test. The aim of the test is to find out the traces of THC deposits in your bloodstream. It will help detect those who have formed the habit of taking these drugs. The effect can be there for a long time and that is why it is hard to beat the test.

Hair test  

This is another form of testing and it is not common. It is another form test for those seeking employment. Usually, this one is ordered when the order system has failed to detect drugs and when there is a strong indication that the drugs are there in the body system especially the hair follicles. It is also possible to pass that test but that depends on the number of days available to you before the test is conducted.

How to pass the drug test  

The best and natural way of passing the drug test is to abstain from consuming them. However, if you were already consuming that and you are finding it hard to quit, there are still some ways of passing that test. You should know that before the tests are conducted especially a month or days before the test, you must abstain from consuming those drugs. If you fail to abstain, then it may be difficult to pass the test.

Some of these methods will involve masking the THC in your body system. If you follow the instructions provided below, it will be possible to pass the drug tests. Irrespective of the type of tests that you want to do, the best way to pass it is to stop consuming those drugs. Another thing of interest that you should note is that your chances of succeeding depend on the number of time available to you for the test. The longer length of time you have, more chances for you of passing that test.

Methods that do not work  

Moreover, it is important that you regard some of the myths flying around about flushing out these drugs from the body system. You have to realize that there are some methods that do not work. For instance, is not possible to flush out these drugs from your body using such niacin, cranberry juice, a large quantity of water, vinegar, bleach, sure jell, ginger root tea as well as creatine pills and so on. Most people that fail that does fail because they are misled. They failed to use the correct method to flush it out of the body system. You must, therefore, be sure of the method that you want to use to pass the tests. Here are some methods that you can use.

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